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Install Guide

At Paitson Bros. we know that the decision to purchase new heating and air conditioning equipment can be an intimidating and confusing process. We know that most home and business owners only make this decision a handful of times in their lives, if ever. This guide is designed to walk you through this process step by step. We want to make the decision to work with us as easy as possible.
1. Schedule Appointment

Scheduling is easy.  A customer service specialist is available to take your call to schedule a free in-home consultation any time -- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You may also click HERE to schedule your appointment online.  Appointment times are incredibly flexible and include evenings and weekends.  We prefer that if there is more than one decision maker involved in the process (and there usually is!) that everyone involved be present for the appointment.

2. In-Home Consultation

On your scheduled day, your comfort advisor will arrive and (no pressure!) begin by asking you a series of simple questions to get a feel for your needs, your concerns, your budget, and your timeline.  After carefully surveying your home and existing equipment setup, they will usually, in the same visit, be able to present you with a series of options they feel will best fit your needs.  The comfort advisor goal is to come along side you to select the system that is a great fit for you and your space.  We offer a variety of financing and payment options to help make the purchasing decision easier.  Your comfort advisor is fully equipped to assist in securing this financing.

3. Installation

Your comfort advisor and our installation manager will work with you to schedule a time for your installation.  Most installations take no longer than one day; and you will be fully aware of the required schedule.  The installing technicians, led by a team leader, will arrive and begin your installation.  They will protect their work area and the route to it through your home.  They will work to remove any old equipment, begin placing the new equipment, and, if necessary, take measurements for any sheet metal work.  When they have finished their installation, they will work to tidy up their work space -- many customers tell us it's as if no one had been working there at all.  The team leader will do a final walk-through with you, demonstrating any important features and controls for you.

As the installers pull away, you'll realize -- that's it.  They're done.  How easy was that?

4. Post-Install Interview

Once your new system has been installed our white-glove level service continues.  Our dedicated staff of back-office personnel and your comfort advisor will continue working behind the scenes to ensure that the final pieces of your installation come together: warranty registration, rebate processing, maintenance agreements -- all of these will be taken care of for you!  Once all of this is completed, your comfort advisor will schedule a time to visit the installation, giving a careful eye to the details, and make sure you and the comfort advisor are 100% satisfied with every facet of the installation.  They will go through each of the documents corresponding to the installation with you and leave you and your family to enjoy the benefits of your new system.

Our Signature Guarantee

There are three key promises we make to our customers. These are spelled out below. If during the first year after installation you don’t feel we are living up to these promises, we’ll move heaven and earth to make you happy. If we can’t, we’ll refund 100% of your original purchase price, including installation costs and sales tax. That’s how confident we are in our products and in our service. Our promises:
You’ll love the equipment we install in your home. If we say it will save money, operate quieter, add comfort, and be more reliable – it will be.
You’ll love the people you interact with in our company. From the comfort advisor, to the installing technicians, to the back office dispatching and accounting staff, to the technicians that provide ongoing service and maintenance – you’ll know that they all believe in the Paitson promise. You’ll love the price you’ve paid. When taking the whole experience into account – the sale, the installation, the follow-up, the added energy savings and comfort of your new system, all of it – you’ll know that you’ve made the best possible value choice for your money.

We proudly serve communities in the following Indiana and Illinois counties:

(Indiana) Vigo, Clay, Fountain, Greene, Montgomery, Owen, Parke, Putnam, Sullivan, and Vermillion
(Illinois) Clark, Crawford, and Edgar

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